Unlock Incentives for Installing an Energy Efficient HVAC System in Broward County, FL

Are you looking to upgrade your HVAC system in Broward County, FL? You may be eligible for a variety of local incentives and rebates to help you save money on the installation. Most utility companies offer rebates for having HVAC systems and ducts sealed and maintained by licensed professionals. To replace the central air conditioner, many rebates from utilities and manufacturers may apply. In addition, some energy efficiency loan programs apply specifically to HVAC unit improvements.

The mechanical system of a house consists mainly of the components of the air conditioning system, the performance of which depends largely on the quality and condition of the insulation of the windows and the attic of the house. Air conditioning ducts, which carry air conditioning throughout the house, can be a major source of energy loss, since any leak will cause the loss of hot or cold air, as well as the infiltration of unconditioned air. To ensure your system is running efficiently, it is important to have it inspected by a licensed professional. Public and private entities offer a variety of rebates and incentives to promote sustainable practices. Some programs offer cash back, others offer business credits, and others offer products.

The proposed solar system must meet the specifications of the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) and be installed by a contractor certified to install solar water heating systems by the Construction Industry Licensing Board of the Florida Department of Professional Regulation. The Specific Employment Incentive Fund (TGIF) provides financial incentives to certain industries, including companies that manufacture, install, and repair solar thermal and photovoltaic systems that are moving or expanding in Miami-Dade County. This ordinance is intended to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of citizens by eliminating barriers to the installation of alternative energy systems and encouraging the installation of solar photovoltaic systems on rooftops. Broward County now offers Go SOLAR* online permits, for obtaining permits for rooftop solar PV systems. For more information on air conditioning systems in Florida, see the air conditioning fact sheet. We encourage our neighbors to investigate these opportunities to see if they are eligible for any local incentives or rebates.

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