What Type of Inspections are Required After an HVAC Installation in Broward County, FL?

When it comes to installing, removing, or replacing an air conditioning system in Broward County, Florida, the Florida Building Code requires licensed HVAC contractors to obtain a building permit. This permit ensures that your home or business system is installed correctly and operates efficiently. CAP Government, Inc. provides construction inspection and permit services for the City of West Park and has been trusted by local agencies for over 30 years. Our technicians will inspect your HVAC unit as a whole to make sure it is up to code.

We'll check for any components that show signs of wear, make sure nothing is inhibiting performance, and ensure that the ducts don't leak. This is just to name a few of the items we inspect. The State of Florida has recently introduced changes in HB735 which means Broward County will no longer offer the certificate of competence in the area of liquefied petroleum gas to contractors. Each county in Florida has a different process for obtaining the building permit needed to replace or install an air conditioning unit. However, you don't need to obtain one as an individual.

Most manufacturers of HVAC equipment require that it be installed by a licensed HVAC contractor. If the equipment is not installed by an authorized HVAC contractor, the warranty coverage is void and the manufacturer will not cover the replacement of the defective parts. The City of West Park and Broward County have collaborated to launch ePermissions, a centralized website that allows customers to apply and review their plans online for permits, licenses, and approvals.

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